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Female Wistar rats treated once with nitrosomethylurea (NMU) by urinary bladder instillation were given saccharin, cyclamate or calcium carbonate in the diet for life. X-ray examinations were performed every three weeks to detect early formations of urinary bladder calculi, while an intravenous pyelogram and cystography served as a method for detection of(More)
The primary enlarged x-ray image is produced by a reduction of the focal-film-distance to 80 cm at a given focal size of 0-15 mm. The advantages of this technique as compared to conventional x-ray methods are exemplified with x-ray images from the shoulder joint of a European hamster, a pseudoarthrosis in the foreleg of a beagle, and a renovasography of a(More)
  • W Rippel
  • 1977
In this study personal observations during parachute jumping under various visual conditions are recorded. Jumps were executed with reduced visual acuity, monocular vision, and hemianopic defects of the visual fields. The conclusions regarding admission to parachute jumping drawn from the author's personal observations are discussed.
Sprague-Dawley rats received intragastrically a single dose of 226Ra or 224Ra once weekly for 21 weeks. During this period the animals of both groups were thus exposed to comparable doses. After 12 weeks, a shortening of the maxillary incisors was observed, and this progressed during the course of the 55-week experiment. Radiologically, a loss of pulpal(More)
  • J. P. Aboulker, A. J. Valleron, +277 authors E. R. Froesch
  • 2005
s, Part 1 Reproducibility of Borderline OGTT Data on 163 Subjects. J .P . Aboulker, A.J. Valleron, L. Papoz, M. Rathery. Ins t i tut National de La Sant~ et de la Rgcherche M@dicale, Unit6 de Reeherches Statistiques U 21, Villejuif. France. Quanti tat ive data relative to the variat ion of individual blood glucose levels during repeated OGTT are few and(More)
Die konservative Behandlung des Hallux-valgus-Syndroms ist ausschließlich symptomorientiert und kann bei Festlegung des Behandlungsziels mit konfektionierten oder individuell angefertigten Hilfsmitteln durchgeführt werden. Eine grundsätzliche Beeinflussung der strukturell vorgegebenen Vorfußdeformität ist dabei weder durch eine Einlagenversorgung noch durch(More)
Basing on own observations by the authors in 10 patients with angiodysplasia and circumscribed gigantism of an extremity, typical phlebographic and arteriographic findings are described. Classification of the angiodysplasia of the Klippel-Trenaunay and F. P. Weber type is in accordance with suggestions advanced in recent literature. The x-ray methods(More)