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The eddy heat flux generated by statistically equilibrated baro-clinic turbulence supported on a uniform, horizontal temperature gradient is examined using a two-layer β-plane quasigeostrophic model. The dependence of the eddy diffusivity of temperature, D τ , on external parameters such as β, bottom friction κ, the deformation radius λ and the velocity(More)
The radiative flux of internal wave energy (the " tidal conversion ") powered by the oscillating flow of a uniformly stratified fluid over a two-dimensional submarine ridge is computed using an integral-equation method. The problem is characterized by two nondimensional parameters, A and B. The first parameter, A, is the ridge half-width scaled by ␮h, where(More)
The eddy heat flux generated by the statistically equilibrated baroclinic instability of a uniform, horizontal temperature gradient is studied using a two-mode f-plane quasigeostrophic model. An overview of the dependence of the eddy diffusivity D on the bottom friction ␬, the deformation radius ␭, the vertical variation of the large-scale flow U, and the(More)
Many studies have examined the processes involved in recognizing types of human action through sound, but little is known about whether the physical characteristics of an action (such as kinetic and kinematic parameters) can be perceived and imitated from sound. Twelve young healthy adults listened to recordings of footsteps on a gravel path taken from(More)
Older adults, deemed to be at a high risk of falling, are often unable to participate in dynamic exercises due to physical constraints and/or a fear of falling. Using the Nintendo 'Wii Balance Board' (WBB) (Nintendo, Kyoto, Japan), we have developed an interface that allows a user to accurately calculate a participant's centre of pressure (COP) and(More)
Managing gait disturbances in people with Parkinson's disease is a pressing challenge, as symptoms can contribute to injury and morbidity through an increased risk of falls. While drug-based interventions have limited efficacy in alleviating gait impairments, certain nonpharmacological methods, such as cueing, can also induce transient improvements to gait.(More)
Numerical calculations of the rate at which energy is converted from the external to internal tides at steep oceanic ridges are compared with estimates from analytic theories. The numerical calculations are performed using a hydrostatic primitive equation ocean model that uses a generalized s-coordinate system as the vertical coordinate. The model [Regional(More)
The efficacy of remote ischemic preconditioning (RIPC) in high-risk cardiac surgery is uncertain. In this study, 96 adults undergoing high-risk cardiac surgery were randomised to RIPC (3 cycles of 5 min of upper-limb ischemia induced by inflating a blood pressure cuff to 200 mmHg with 5 min of reperfusion) or control. Main endpoints were plasma(More)
BACKGROUND Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of pacemaker patients is contraindicated due to documented potential risks to the patient from hazardous interactions between the MRI and pacemaker system. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this prospective, randomized, controlled, worldwide clinical trial was to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of a pacemaker(More)