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An overview of migratory birds in Brazil
We reviewed the occurrences and distributional patterns of migratory species of birds in Brazil. A species was classified as migratory when at least part of its population performs cyclical, seasonalExpand
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Interações entre Phthiraptera (Insecta) e aves (Emberizidae) de Mata Atlântica, Pernambuco, Brasil
ABSTRACT. Interactive relationships between Phthiraptera (Insecta) and birds (Emberizidae) of the Atlantic Forest, Pernambuco State, Brazil. This study aimed to identify the Phthiraptera of wildExpand
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Richness, composition and trophic groups of an avian community in the Pernambuco Endemism Centre, Alagoas, Brazil.
In northeastern Brazil, the reduction of the natural forest cover to a series of small, isolated fragments has had negative consequences for the local avian fauna, in particular, a loss of the moreExpand
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Aspects of the ecology of Penelope superciliaris temminck, 1815 (Aves: Cracidae) in the Araripe National Forest, Ceará, Brazil.
Guans are large frugivorous birds that inhabit Neotropical forests and play a fundamental role in seed dispersal and forest regeneration. Despite their ecological importance, the natural populationsExpand
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Interspecific behaviour between Callithrix jacchus (Linnaeus) (Callitrichidae, Primates) and some birds of the Atlantic forest, Pernanbuco State, Brazil
The observations cover a period of two years, monitoring groups of marked common marmosets in eight hour/day periods. Six types of events were recorded: marmoset predation; bird predation; foragingExpand
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Do artisanal fishers perceive declining migratory shorebird populations?
BackgroundThis paper discusses the results of ethno-ornithological research conducted on the local ecological knowledge (LEK) of artisanal fishers in northeast Brazil between August 2013 and OctoberExpand
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Update of the distribution of Lonchorhina aurita (Chiroptera), a vulnerable cave-dwelling bat in Brazil
Lonchorhina aurita is an insectivorous cave-dwelling bat, which roosts primarily in caves, and has been reported from three (Cave Pedra Branca, Cave Janela, and Cave Raposa) of the 94 natural cavesExpand
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Do Farmers Using Conventional and Non-Conventional Systems of Agriculture Have Different Perceptions of the Diversity of Wild Birds? Implications for Conservation
Farmers’ perceptions of birds’ interactions with agricultural production systems are fundamental to species conservation efforts. In the present study, we evaluated the perceptions of birds held byExpand
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Extension of the geographical distribution of Lonchophylla dekeyseri Taddei, Vizotto and Sazima, 1983 (Chiroptera: Phyllostomidae): New record in northeastern Brazil
This paper aims to extend the geographical distribution of Lonchophylla dekeyseri in Brazil, as well as to register its first record in the State of Paraiba, northeastern Brazil. This record wasExpand
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Records of breeding in Wilson's Plover Charadrius wilsonia with new localities for Brazil.
Wilson's Plover, Charadrius wilsonia, is widely distributed in coastal areas of the Americas. This report presents the first record of breeding in this species on Coroa do Avião Island, on the coastExpand