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A condition monitoring nondestructive evaluation (NDE) system, combining the generation of ultrasonic Lamb waves in thin composite plates and their subsequent detection using an embedded optical fiber system is described. The acoustic source is of low profile with respect to the composite plate thickness, surface conformable, and able to efficiently launch(More)
The effectiveness of surface-bonded and embedded optical fibers for the detection of ultrasonic Lamb waves in 2-3-mm-thick steel, carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) and glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) plates are compared. A novel integrating ultrasonic sensor was achieved using the signal arm of an actively stabilized 633-nm homodyne Mach-Zehnder fiber(More)
We report the noise limitation of fiber optic gas sensors with highly coherent laser sources. Interference between signal and reflected waves causes signal fluctuation in the output; this limits the performance of the sensing system. Sensor resolutions limited by coherent reflections are calculated and compared with experimental results.
The acoustic and flexural vibrations of a small-scale floating structure following irradiation by a pulsed Nd:glass laser are compared with a radiated underwater sound field. A single subablative laser pulse of 600-μs duration was used both to bend and shock the floating structure at the irradiation site. The laser pulse caused the structure to flex at a(More)
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