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The skin is an obvious "shock organ" for emotional stresses, as well as the other organ systems. Lividity, blushing, blanching, "goose flesh" are common observations. Personal emotional stress is carried in the mind of the patient, but often, after a period of time, this stress becomes manifest as skin disease. This delay interval is usually two to four(More)
Tuberous sclerosis is essentially a hereditary disease dominated by hamartomas in various organs. Symptoms of the disease are referable to expanding growth of these hamartomas, especially in the kidney where these benign lesions most often present with pyuria, hematuria or pain from bleeding. They are apt to be erroneously diagnosed as malignant both(More)
The preparation of criteria for the judgment of programs provided for rehabilitation (re-education) of delinquent drivers is in regard of the development of these measures--likewise in European foreign countries--necessary to secure their suitableness, their effectiveness, their controlled optimization, their credibility and their quality. Only programs(More)