W R McKinnon

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Effects on sexual arousal of unemployment and acute stress were studied in men. Ten unemployed (high-chronic-stress) and 9 employed (low-chronic-stress) men were exposed to two erotic videotapes in the laboratory. Acute stress was induced by telling the men that they would have to give a talk on their own sexual behavior and fantasies. Half the men were(More)
Structural, magnetic, and electronic properties of compounds in the series La2-xSrx CuO4-y for 0.05 </= x </= 1.1, with deltax = 0.025, were studied. Resistance, susceptibility, Meissner, and shielding measurements have revealed superconductivity among several members of the series. For x = 0.15, the transition temperature T(c), measured at the midpoint of(More)
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