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In 91 of 1007 children (9%) with and without heart disease who underwent echocardiographic exploration we found false chordae tendineae in the left ventricle. These bands, usually running from the lateral wall to the interventricular septum, showed strong ultrasound reflections and could be seen in at least two different views. More than one band was rarely(More)
The effects of digitoxin, 3 alpha-methyl-digitoxigenin-3 beta-monoglucoside (3 alpha-MDM), 3 alpha-methyl-digitoxigenin (3 alpha-MD), proscillaridin, 4, 5-methylene-procillaridin (4, 5-MP), and 3 beta-hydroxy-4, 5-methylene-A, B-trans-scillarenin (3 beta-HMTS) on force of contraction and on the transmembrane action potentials were examined in isolated(More)
To assess postoperative arrhythmias and AV-conduction defects associated with anatomic correction of simple transposition of the great arteries, 207 standard 12-lead surface and 43 24-hour electrocardiograms of all 17 patients followed after anatomic correction for up to 6.5 years were reviewed. No dysrhythmias or AV-conduction delays definitely(More)
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