W. Piyawattanametha

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We report on a novel, compact two-dimensional (2D) scanning micromirror for free space optical crosslinks for micro and nano satellites. Using a novel micromachined structure called Micro-Elevator by Self-Assembly (MESA) [1], the micromirror is suspended above the substrate by several hundred micrometers. Large mirror size and wide scanning range are(More)
The problem of limited field of view when visualizing biomedical specimens with high-magnification microscopes can be solved by using image mosaicing or image stitching technique to merge multiple microscopic images acquired from the specimens to create a seamless stitched image. The image mosaicing technique is commonly used in automatically map(More)
In this paper, we demonstrated a handheld confocal fluorescence microscope using dual-axis confocal architecture with a microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) scanner. The laser sources for the microscope are both in visible (660 nm) and near-infrared (778 nm) wavelengths. The microscope will be used for in vivo cervical cancer screening in real-time with(More)
This study aimed to evaluate anti-staphylococcal properties of crude and fractionated extracts of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) isolated from local meat, dairy, and fermented products. A total of 36 LAB isolates were obtained and identified via 16S rDNA sequencing. Cell-free supernatant (CFS) of all isolates exhibiting a statistically significant inhibition(More)
Our work demonstrated a MEMS based handheld dual-axis confocal microscope for cervical cancer screening. Imaging demonstration is performed with plants and animal tissue biopsies. The data is collected and displayed in real time with 2-5 Hz.
We demonstrate an optical configuration of MEMS based a single-axis confocal microscope imaging setup with 12.7 millimeters diameter commercial lenses. The configuration deploys lens models of optical design software, ZEMAX, to predict optical performance of the actual imaging setup. With this optical design, the maximum field of view is 150 µm(More)
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