W. Pengchan

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This paper presents the new design which contributes to magnetoresistance effect on Hall plate by compared with series resistance structure by Sentaurus TCAD program. A new design creates zero Hall voltage area which the carriers move and deflect freely. The Hall plate structure is n-type silicon with 400 μm length, 100 μm width and 1(More)
Research on a new compact BJT PTAT temperature sensor structure has been reported. The zener junction-connected BJT transistor and Base-Emitter voltage of transistor can be temperature dependent. The performance of new compact PTAT circuit can be improved by using difference in thermal characteristics between p-n and zener junction. DeltaV/DeltaT can be(More)
This paper presented the corresponding between the classical Poisson's yield equation prediction and wafer actual yield on the silicon wafer with 0.8 μm CMOS technology. The defect analysis with derivative method, current - voltage and capacitance-voltage of diode characteristic measurement, is used to define the defect in p-n junction on silicon(More)
Low power consumption device can be realized by low junction leakage current. This leakage current relates to the defects in the depletion region of p-n junction. Among variety process steps, implantation step may generate defects. Therefore, the implantation-induced defects have been studied from the activation energy which has been obtained from the(More)
This paper presents the effect of base width and implantation dose on electrical carriers in the magnetotransistor deflected by the Lorentz force (FL) from magnetic field. The structure of magnetotransistor is designed like a structure of a PNP bipolar junction transistor which comprises of 3 terminals, i.e., emitter, collector and base. The base width (L)(More)
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