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In comparative concurrency semantics, one usually distinguishes between <italic>linear time</italic> and <italic>branching time</italic> semantic equivalences. Milner's notion of <italic>observatin equivalence</italic> is often mentioned as the standard example of a branching time equivalence. In this paper we investigate whether observation equivalence(More)
In this paper we discuss term-rewriting systems with ru/e prioriries, which simply is a partial ordering on the rules. The procedural meaning of such an ordering then is, that the application of a rule of lower priority is allowed only if no rule of higher priority is applicable. The semantics of such a system is discussed. It turns out that the class of(More)
The right of the University 0/ Cambridge to print and self all manner of books WQS granted by Henry VIII in 1534. The Uni~ersily has printed Qnd published continuously since 1584. Cambridge University Press has no responsibility for the persistence or accuracy of URLs for external or third-party internet websites referred to in this publication, and does(More)
Selected list of publications arranged by subject and per subject by date. Survey papers have been classified under miscellaneous; books and edited volumes have been listed first. (Complete information including unpublished works and submitted papers can be found on www.science.uva.nl/∼ janb. A different, independent and fairly complete source for journal(More)
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