W. P. Rindone

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FlyBase is a database of genetic and molecular data concerning Drosophila. FlyBase is maintained as a relational database (in Sybase) and is made available as html documents and flat files. The scope of FlyBase includes: genes, alleles (and phenotypes), aberrations, transposons, pointers to sequence data, clones, stock lists, Drosophila workers and(More)
We report steps toward the systematic management, standardization, and analysis of functional genomics data. We developed the ExpressDB database for yeast RNA expression data and loaded it with approximately 17.5 million pieces of data reported by 11 studies with three different kinds of high-throughput RNA assays. A web-based tool supports queries across(More)
Significant advances in system-level modeling of cellular behavior can be achieved based on constraints derived from genomic information and on optimality hypotheses. For steady-state models of metabolic networks, mass conservation and reaction stoichiometry impose linear constraints on metabolic fluxes. Different objectives, such as maximization of growth(More)
The GenBank nucleic acid sequence database is a computer-based collection of all published DNA and RNA sequences; it contains over five million bases in close to six thousand sequence entries drawn from four thousand five hundred published articles. Each sequence is accompanied by relevant biological annotation. The database is available either on magnetic(More)
A brief survey of computer algorithms that have been developed to generate predictions of the secondary structures of RNA molecules is presented. Two particular methods are described in some detail. The first utilizes a thermodynamic energy minimization algorithm that takes into account the likelihood that short-range folding tends to be favored over(More)
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