W P Oldenburger

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The present study was undertaken to establish whether the conditioned place preference paradigm can be utilized to investigate and elucidate the neuroendocrine basis of the appetitive elements of female sexual behavior. Females were exposed to a male with which copulation occurred in a distinctive compartment of the place preference apparatus and did not(More)
The central nucleus of the amygdala (CEA) is considered to be involved in the regulation of autonomic correlates of fear. Its involvement in the control of autonomic functions other than elicited by fear has received little attention. The effects of a bilateral electrolytical lesion of the CEA on feeding related insulin responses have been analyzed in male(More)
A paradigm was developed to investigate how precoital sexual arousal affects parameters of sexual behavior in male rats. Estrous females in a wire mesh cage were used to induce sexual arousal before the sexual interaction test. In control procedures, males were presented in a wire mesh cage or else there was no stimuli at all. The results indicate that(More)
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