W P Muldoon

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A number of 2-alkyl- and 2-aryl-substituted thiazolidine-4(R)-carboxylic acids were evaluated for their protective effect against hepatotoxic deaths produced in mice by LD90 doses of acetaminophen. 2(RS)-Methyl-, 2(RS)-n-propyl-, and 2(RS)-n- pentylthiazolidine -4(R)-carboxylic acids (compounds 1b,d,e, respectively) were nearly equipotent in their(More)
Tumor growth is known to have systemic effects upon the host's metabolism. We report here for the first time that histologically normal livers of mice bearing subcutaneous plasmacytomas contain chromatographic peaks of asparaginyl-, aspartyl-, histidinyl-, and tyrosinyl-transfer RNAs not found in significant amounts in normal livers. Lysyl-, prolyl-,(More)
The N-nitro derivatives of secondary alpha-amino acids, viz., 1-nitroproline (1a) (L and D), 1-nitro-DL-pipecolic acid (2a), and N-nitrosarcosine (3a), were prepared by the oxidation of the corresponding nitrosamino acids with peroxytrifluoroacetic acid. These nitramino acids (1a-3a) were not active against Escherichia coli, Candida albicans, Pseudomonas(More)
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