W P Gaykema

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The three-dimensional structure of Panulirus interruptus haemocyanin has been determined at 3.2 A resolution by X-ray diffraction techniques. Starting from a double isomorphous replacement map at 4 A resolution, the phases of the 32,709 reflections were first improved by six cycles of sixfold molecular averaging and solvent flattening. This also generated(More)
Crystals have been grown of the 94K subunit of Panulirus interruptus haemocyanin. The best crystals were obtained by the "two-layer liquid diffusion technique" with ammonium sulphate solutions as precipitating agent. The crystals have space group P6(3)22 with cell dimensions a = b = 195.6 A and c = 158.0 A. The diffraction pattern extends to a resolution of(More)
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