W P Brockmann

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From 1977 to 1988, 215 patients with a diagnosis of testicular seminoma were referred to the University Hospital, Hamburg, West Germany, for radiation therapy (RT). In 15 patients a careful review of the histologic condition showed signs of embryonal cell carcinoma. Three patients refused completion of therapy. No patient was lost to follow-up. On this(More)
The case of a woman patient with an extended prepapillary choledochal cyst and pancreaticobiliary reflux shows that it is necessary to consider the possibility of a choledochal cyst on detecting a cystic structure in the head of the pancreas (condition after acute pancreatitis); besides this, differential diagnosis will have to consider a pancreatic(More)
Forty-four evaluable patients with advanced colorectal cancer were treated with simultaneous chemoradiotherapy to the small pelvis. In 34 patients locally recurrent disease and in ten patients primary tumors had been resected. 34 patients had gross and ten patients had microscopic residual tumor after surgical resection, seven of the latter with distant(More)
Computer tomographic (12 cases) and sonographic (10 cases) examinations were carried out in patients with malignant lymphomas of the stomach, both for primary diagnosis and follow-up. The intraluminal and extraluminal extension of the disease and the involvement of various parts of the stomach could be well demonstrated. During follow-up, the effect of(More)
The pros and cons of various imaging methods (sonography: plain CT, with contrast medium intravenously/serial CT; x-ray angiography or digital subtraction angiography) in recognising a slow but steady remission of a primary tumour and of liver metastases are discussed, basing on the course of disease in a female patient with a metastasised gastrointestinal(More)
Using a high-resolution real-time B-imager, examinations of the thyroid and parathyroid glands of 112 patients revealed small focal lesions (more than 3 mm diameter: thyroid gland, parathyroid gland) as well as diffuse alterations (thyroid gland). The following focal lesions were found: Adenomas of the parathyroid gland (n = 9), haemangiomas of thyroid(More)
Radiological and ultrasound examinations were performed in 34 women with recurrent urinary tract infection, as part of a prospective study of pyelonephritis. Ultrasound was found to be valuable in the recognition of new pyelonephritic scars and for screening. In assessing ultrasound and radiological findings the criteria of Hodson are equally valuable in(More)
Therapy of large inoperable squamous cell-carcinomas of the head and neck is considerably problemful. Combined simultaneous radio-chemotherapy with carboplatin and radiotherapy with hyperfractionated accelerated radiation is small effective than conventional monofractionated radiotherapy alone and may reduce side effects. Aim of the following study was(More)