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The clinical courses of 41 patients who received timolol maleate for experimental protocols were reviewed. We reevaluated the conditions of 17 patients with the elevated pressures of primary open angle glaucoma who had received timolol alone or in combination with other glaucoma medications for a maximum of 35 months (average, 26 months). Withdrawal of(More)
It is common for healthy children with specific visual complaints to be seen for eye examinations. After a complete eye examination has ruled out pathologic conditions as the cause of these complaints, it is appropriate for the clinician to explore the possibility that normal entoptic or physiologic visual phenomena might have provoked the child's report of(More)
Four patients with the congenital rubella syndrome had keratoconus and evidence of acute or previous corneal hydrops. All four of the patients vigorously rubbed and poked their eyes. The keratoconus and acute corneal hydrops in these patients probably resulted from chronic traumatizing mannerisms common in other patients with mental retardation and are not(More)
Timolol was used by 37 glaucoma patients from 1 to 18 months. Of those 37 patients, 31 used timolol for three months or longer and 7 used timolol for over one year. Timolol produced sustained reductions in intraocular pressure with continuous administration and did not induce miosis, accommodative spasm, or other annoying side effects. Systemic absorption(More)