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The pattern of leisure time sport activity was estimated by retrospective recalls and expressed in terms of an annual sport activity score. The activity score was related to the development of maximal aerobic power during the period of late adolescence in German children. Both girls and boys reduced their activity pattern from 14 to 18 years of age, boys(More)
This paper is concerned with favourable levels of constitutional cardio-vascular health indicators during childhood and adolescence. A cross-sectional randomised sample of healthy Czechoslovakian children was investigated, because this population is habituated to a favourable life style. Twenty girls and 20 boys at ages 8, 12 and 16 years were recruited to(More)
The treatments of mild hypertension with atenolol and prazosin in occupationally active men and women were compared in a double blind cross-over with placebo. The hypotensive effect of the beta-adreno-receptor blocking drug, atenolol, were striking and in accordance with current knowledge, using one daily dose of 100 mg. In contrast, the hypotensive effect(More)
The influence of night-shift work and noise on arousal and stress reactions have, to date, been investigated separately. The aim of this study was to compare their psychophysiological effects in combination. Twenty-four male student subjects continuously performed ten hours of visual display tasks per 24 h under highly controlled conditions for either five(More)
To assess the subjective health status of day- and shift-working police officers, a questionnaire-based study was carried out. All the day-workers had previous shift experience. To control the age factor the total population of 2659 shift-working and 1303 day-working police officers was divided into four ten-year age classes. Factor analysis revealed that(More)
A typical shiftwork experiment was chosen to prove the validity of an automated procedure for the analysis of free noradrenaline and adrenaline in urine. The method consists of a column switching technique with an adsorption/elution clean-up and a reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography followed by chemical reaction detection based on the(More)
120 shift rotas of the police were collected and analysed. The frequency distribution of the shift cycles, the duration of shifts, the start and end of shifts, the maximal number of consecutive night shifts, as well as the frequency of different kinds of free weekends, were determined. The shift systems are compared with recommendations for the design of(More)
A randomized cross-over trial was undertaken on 21 occupationally active persons who had a stable mild or moderate hypertension with the purpose of comparing the effect of a beta-adreno-receptor blocking agent (atenolol) with that of a calcium channel inhibitor (nifedipine). The doses recommended by the manufactures were used. Atenolol (100 mg) given once a(More)
The paper deals with the results of studies or discussions concerning the problem of nightwork combined with other adverse working conditions. Special emphasis is laid on the untoward effect of high temperature during nightwork, as well as on noise and exposure to chemicals. It is shown that there is no substantial influence of heat stress on the circadian(More)
This paper presents a comparison between Czech and Norwegian rural healthy children with regard to the functional characteristics of the circulatory and respiratory system based upon work physiological variables and measurements of some pulmonary volumes. The study included randomised samples of boys and girls at the age of 8, 12 and 16 years, 66 Czech boys(More)