W. Nowak

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In the majority of cases of overt acute myeloid leukemia (AML), there is no knowledge about a preleukemic phase of myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). A few recent case-control studies suggest an association between MDS and several occupations. We report a unique case of MDS/AML related to the patient's work condition with numerous cytostatic agents. The(More)
Recent atomic force microscopy stretching measurements of single polysaccharide molecules suggest that their elasticity is governed by force-induced conformational transitions of the pyranose ring. However, the mechanism of these transitions and the mechanics of the pyranose ring are not fully understood. Here we use steered molecular dynamics simulations(More)
Contactins are modular extracellular cell matrix proteins that are present in the brain, and they are responsible for the proper development and functioning of neurons. They contain six immunoglobulin-like IgC2 domains and four fibronectin type III repeats. The interactions of contactin with other proteins are poorly understood. The mechanical properties of(More)
A recent survey of 17 134 proteins has identified a new class of proteins which are expected to yield stretching induced force peaks in the range of 1 nN. Such high force peaks should be due to forcing of a slip-loop through a cystine ring, i.e., by generating a cystine slipknot. The survey has been performed in a simple coarse grained model. Here, we(More)
We discuss the arbitrary polynomial chaos (aPC), which has been subject of research in a few recent theoretical papers. Like all polynomial chaos expansion techniques, aPC approximates the dependence of simulation model output on model parameters by expansion in an orthogonal polynomial basis. The aPC generalizes chaos expansion techniques towards arbitrary(More)
BACKGROUND We previously published an early report of a randomized, multicenter trial on the efficacy and toxicity of cladribine (2-CdA) + prednisone (P) compared with chlorambucil (Chl) + P in previously untreated patients with progressive or symptomatic chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Here we present the final report of this study. MATERIAL/METHODS Of 229(More)
The presented results evidence that canine adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs) represent the premature population of stem cells with great biological potential and properties. ADCS are easy to obtain and culture, able to differentiate into the neurogenic lineage as well as it is easy to control their proliferation rate with nucleotides and nucleosides or(More)
Computer simulations of protein unfolding substantially help to interpret force-extension curves measured in single-molecule atomic force microscope (AFM) experiments. Standard all-atom (AA) molecular dynamics simulations (MD) give a good qualitative mechanical unfolding picture but predict values too large for the maximum AFM forces with the common pulling(More)
Single molecules of beta-1 --> 6-linked d-glucose polysaccharides, when stretched in an atomic force microscope, display a hookean-like elasticity unusual for polymers. High-level ab initio calculations and microsecond-scale molecular dynamics simulations reveal that this elasticity is governed by force-induced rotations of the exocyclic group on the(More)
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