W Nowak

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Matrix attachment regions (MARs) are thought to participate in the organization and segregation of independent chromosomal loop domains. Although there are several reports on the action of natural MARs in the context of heterologous genes in transgenic plants, in our study we tested a synthetic MAR (sMAR) with the special property of unpairing when under(More)
Dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR, EC is one of the enzymes active in the folate cycle which plays an important role in DNA synthesis. Inhibition of DHFR is a key element in the treatment of many diseases, including cancer and AIDS related infections. A search for new selective inhibitors is motivated by the resistance to common drugs observed in the(More)
We discuss the quark transversity distribution function and a possible way to access it through the measurement of single spin azimuthal asymmetry in semi-inclusive single pion electroproduction on a transversely polarized target. At leading order in 1/Q, the cross section for a hard scattering process is given by the convolution of a hard part and a soft(More)
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