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Use of intelligent robotic tools promises an alternative and superior way of performing off-pump coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery. In the robotic-assisted surgical paradigm proposed, the conventional surgical tools are replaced with robotic instruments which are under direct control of the surgeon through teleoperation. The robotic tools actively(More)
With the emergence of stable and responsive robotic compliant motion control, introducing robotic grinding and deburring to industry may soon be feasible. Technical needs for this transition include means to accommodate imprecise fixturing, a method for simple, intuitive and dependable programming, and the ability to monitor process progress online. We(More)
This paper describes our progress in the development of a behavior-based, stimulus-response robot control software architecture that is expressly designed to program and execute interactive tasks, including assembly, multi-robot collaborative manipulation, and exploration. The system has been designed to assure stability and safety while maintaining(More)
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