W. Narkbuakaew

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This research proposes design and development of a medical knowledge-based system (MKBS) for diagnosis from symptoms and signs. This system was developed to support a knowledge construction and an inference engine. The knowledge construction was based on a concept of production rules, which was performed in tree structure. The inference engine used(More)
A 3D rib cage model helps to study anatomical structures in some medical applications such as biomechanical and surgical operations. Its quality directly depends on rib cage segmentation if it is reconstructed from image data. This paper presents an optional segmentation method based on K-means clustering. It uses a hierarchical concept to control the(More)
Tomographic imaging is a technique for exploration of a cross-section of an inspected object without destruction. Normally, the input data, known as the projections, are gathered by repeatedly radiating coherent waveform through the object in a number of viewpoints, and receiving by an array of corresponding detector in the opposite position. In this(More)
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