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Poor pitch resolution has been shown to have negative implications for speech and music perception in implanted patients. Surprisingly, works on the subject have not focused much on the impact that the non-correspondence between frequencies allocated to electrodes and perceived frequencies could have on speech and music perception. The aim of the present(More)
Previous experiences on vestibular compensation showed that multisensoria[ stimulations affect pastural unbalance recovery, Virtual Environment (VE) exposure seems very useful in vestibular rehabilitation, since the experience gained during VE exposure is transferable to the real world. The rearrangement of the hierarchy of the posturaI cues was evaluated(More)
CONCLUSION This study demonstrated an evident mismatch between frequencies assigned to electrodes and frequencies evoked by stimulation of those same electrodes in implanted patients. We propose that the mapping procedures should include, whenever possible, a comparison with homolateral residual hearing in order to obtain an appropriate frequency range(More)
The Editors and publisher gratefully acknowledge the excellent work performed by our reviewers. The quality of a journal is definitely depending on the review process. The work laid down by our reviewers is essential for the increasing interest of our journal within ORL-HNS in Europe and outside. We are sure that we have a common interest to make European(More)
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