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The main problem in bringing autonomy to any vehicle lies in the design of a suitable guidance law. For a truly autonomous operation, the vehicle needs to have a reliable Navigation, Guidance and Control (NGC) system of which the guidance system is the key element, which generates suitable trajectories to be followed. In this survey paper, various guidance(More)
This paper addresses the issue of guidance and control of an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) for a cable tracking problem. A linear quadratic Gaussian controller with loop transfer recovery (LQG/LTR) is developed because of its strong robustness properties. The vehicle is guided towards the target using a combination of different guidance algorithms.(More)
This paper investigates a new approach for the guidance and control of an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV). An integrated system is developed and simulated involving a proportional navigation guidance (PNG) law and model predictive control (MPC). The classical PNG law for missile systems has been tailored to guide the AUV by generating reference(More)
Autonomy of an underwater vehicle is in the main attributable to the design of a suitable guidance and control system. Generally, the control system is developed and tested first in simulation studies using a model of the vessel to gain confidence in the approach being adopted. Therefore, plant identification is imperative to gain insight about the system.(More)
To develop an unmanned surface vehicle (USV), several issues need to be addressed, however, the most important being the navigation, guidance and control which dictates the performance of the whole system. Herein, the control problem is addressed by designing a fuzzy logic based linear quadratic Gaussian autopilot for the Springer USV being developed at the(More)
Now a days, smart grid is an emerging technology to increase the optimal use of generated power and reduce the electricity cost. Globally, various schemes in this aspect have been proposed like DR, DSM, AMI, RTP, TOU, etc. This paper presents a survey on some scheduling and optimization techniques for home appliances to use the energy efficiently with a(More)
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