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In single-fiber access networks with interactive and distributive services multiplexed at different wavelengths, the interactive signal may disturb the distributive signal, and vice versa, because of imperfect isolation of the demultiplexing WDM at the subscriber site. The mutual deterioration of a 622-Mb/s intensity-modulated (IM) broadband ISDN (B-ISDN)(More)
Externally modulated AM-SCM lightwave systems employing optical power amplifiers, small linewidth DFB lasers and long optical feeder lines, face low stimulated Brillouin scattering threshold powers and phase-to-intensity noise conversion by multipath interference through Rayleigh scattering. We show that these problems can be effectively counteracted(More)
Presents an externally modulated 50-channel AM-VSB video lightwave system, employing three cascaded EDFAs. For system specifications of SNR=46 dB, CSO<-66 dBc and CTB<-55 dBc, up to 40 000 ONUs can be connected to a single transmitter unit at distances larger than 30 km with standard nondispersion-shifted fiber. Interferometric noise and SBS are suppressed(More)
For the first time to our knowledge the results of numerical simulation, and experimental verification, of clipping induced distortion in externally modulated lightwave AM-SCM CATV systems are presented. Comparison of these results with clipping induced distortion in directly modulated systems show a remarkable outcome: under the same modulation conditions(More)
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