W. Muller

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Black pigmented conidia of Aspergillus niger give rise to micro-colonies when incubated in liquid shaken medium. These micro-colonies are heterogeneous with respect to gene expression and size. We here studied the biophysical properties of the conidia of a control strain and of strains in which the fwnA, olvA or brnA gene is inactivated. These strains form(More)
With the advent of liposomes as drug carriers, there arises a need for efficient targeted delivery in vivo. Proteins coupled to liposomes usually yield heterogeneous products that are ill-defined both chemically and in terms of spatial orientation. We now report on the disulfide linkage to the surface of intact liposomes of a peptide representing one-half(More)
Experimental and FEM studies have been undertaken in order to characterize the non-Fickian behavior of moisture absorption, temperature-dependent residual moisture content and hygroscopic swelling of epoxy molding compounds exposed to moist environments. Moisture absorption and desorption tests of two molding compounds and two IC packages using these(More)
The reliability of semiconductor devices in automotive environmental conditions requires optimized package design with respect to geometry, materials and manufacturing processes. Process steps at high temperatures can result in high package stresses at operating temperatures due to mismatch of thermal expansion coefficients of the package compound(More)
Focus of this paper is the prediction of silicon fracture in microchips of electronic devices. The strength of silicon chips strongly depends on flaw distributions introduced by wafer manufacturing processes. Consequently strength data scatter and a probabilistic approach to failure is required. For this purpose Weibull theory will be used and combined with(More)
A threefold helical crystal structure of Bombyx mori silk fibroin has been observed in films prepared from aqueous silk fibroin solutions using the Langmuir Blodgett (LB) technique. The films were studied using a combination of transmission electron microscopy and electron diffraction techniques. Films prepared at a surface pressure of 16.7 mN/m have a(More)
Uniaxial compression at 800 degrees C and 5 kilobars confining pressure of a specimen cored from a single crystal of orthoenstatite [(Mg,Fe)SiO(3)] produced fine lamellae 100 to 1000 angstroms thick of untwinned clinoenstatite. The two phases are joined along (100) planes and have b and c axes in common. The orientation of the clinoenstatite a axis(More)
Various base pair specific DNA ligands comprising a phenyl phenazinium dye, a triphenylmethan dye and Hoechst 33258 were covalently bound to polyethylene glycol (PEG) via ester or ether bonds. The DNA interactions of the PEG derivatives formed were shown to exhibit the same base pair specificity as the parent compounds. Since the PEG chains thus bound to(More)