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1. Frog semitendinosus muscles were stretched to various lengths beyond the rest length (l(0)) and their initial heat and isometric tension production were measured.2. As the overlap between the thick and thin filaments is reduced, the initial twitch heat and tension decline in a linear manner. At a point at which the twitch tension approaches zero, the(More)
1. The average resting heat production of a muscle under zero tension is 24.8 mcal/g muscle .min at 20 degrees C. In the majority of muscles examined the resting heat production increases when the resting tension and muscle length are increased.2. The relation between actively developed tension and heat produced is similar to that existing in skeletal(More)
Thyroidal trophic effects on slow-twitch skeletal muscle properties were compared in normally innervated and denervated soleus of rats maintained at different thyroid states. Hypothyroidism caused fast to slow changes in fiber type composition (99% decrease in proportion of type II fibers), ATPase activities (down 20-30%), myosin light chain pattern (54%(More)
Measurements of the time course of high energy phosphate splitting and energy liberation were performed on rapidly shortening Rana pipiens skeletal muscles. In muscles contracting 30 times against small loads (less the 0.02P), the ratio of explained heat + work (H + W) (calculated from the measured high energy phosphate splitting) to observed H + W (from(More)
* Research carried out at Brookhaven National Laboratory under the auspices of the U. S. Atomic Energy Commission. t Present address: Department of Pharmacology, New York University Medical College. § On leave of absence from the Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovoth, Israel. 1 Szent-Gyorgyi, A., in 2nd edition, Chemistry of Muscular Contraction (New(More)