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Neoadjuvant (primary systemic) treatment has become a standard option for primary operable disease for patients who are candidates for adjuvant systemic chemotherapy, irrespective of the size of the tumor. Because of new treatments and new understandings of breast cancer, however, recommendations published in 2006 regarding neoadjuvant treatment for(More)
(1996a) Synthesis and secretion of TGF,B isoforms by primary cultures of human breast tumour fibroblasts in vitro and their modulation by tamoxifen. Br J Cancer 74: 352-358 Benson JR, Baum M and Colletta AA (1996b) Role of the TGF,'s in the anti-oestrogen response/resistance of human breast cancer. transforming growth factor beta, in human breast cancer in(More)
This volume consists of the proceedings relating to the Biochemical Society meeting held between 16 and 18 April 1996. Given that 2 years will have elapsed before readers encounter this review and the fields of mammary development and cancer move forward at a particularly rapid rate, it is important to provide reassurances that the book is not already(More)
Aglietta, Massimo, Berruti, Alfredo, Bertolini, Francesco, Bruzzi, Paolo, Conte, PierFranco, Cosimo, Serena, Curigliano, Giuseppe, Daidone, Mariagrazia, Damia, Giovanna, Danova, Marco, Desmedet, Christine, Dowsett, Mitch, E. Mansel, Robert, Fenaroli, Privato, Ferrozzi, Francesco, Generali, Daniele, Gianni, Luca, Kaufmann, Manfred, Kennedy, Derek, Olivetti,(More)
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