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networks are instigating increasing interest in the fields of control and robotics. The rapidity of processing, the ability to learn and adapt as well as the robustness of these approaches, are motivating this work. To help this system be embedded in a wheelchair, it is imperative to respect the functional constraints and those of resource allocation,(More)
In recent years neural network has been adopted to design a great variety of control applications. It provides a powerful method to design non-linear controllers using parallel connections links. First, the neural network algorithm was trained on Matlab/Simulink. Then the neural network controller (NNC) is described in Very high speed integrated circuits(More)
This paper focuses on performance challenges related to Mos-based systems operating on high frequency ranges. One solution for this issue is to use carbon nanotube transistor (CNTFET) because of their promising performances. Therefore, to improve the device performance at high frequency ranges, designers must reduce the parasitic capacitances by using an(More)
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