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Following partial substantia nigra lesions, remaining dopaminergic neurones sprout, returning terminal density in the dorsal striatum to normal by 16 weeks. This suggests regeneration and maintenance of terminal density is regulated to release appropriate levels of dopamine. This study examined the structure and function of these reinnervated terminals,(More)
In presenting this thesis in partial fullllment of the requirements for a Postgraduate degree from the University of Saskatchewan, I agree that the Libraries of this University may make it freely available for inspection. I further agree that permission for copying of this thesis in any manner, in whole or in part, for scholarly purposes may be granted by(More)
We demonstrate a multilayered microfluidic system with a flexible substrate, which has tunable optical chirality within THz spectrum range. The optical properties of the multilayered microfluidic system can be tuned by either changing the liquid pumped into each layer or stretching the flexible substrate. In experiment, the polarization rotation angle is(More)
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