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A natural explanation for extreme irregularities in the evolution of prices in financial markets is provided by quantum effects. The lack of simultaneous observability of relevant variables and the interference of attempted observation with the values of these variables represent such effects. These characteristics have been noted by traders and economists(More)
In this paper, we show that a wide variety of common soil bacteria are able to obtain their carbon and energy needs from tholin (a class of complex organic heteropolymers thought to be widely distributed through the solar system; in this case tholin was produced by passage of electrical discharge through a mixture of methane, ammonia, and water vapor). We(More)
An optimal nonparametric technique for elimination of the observation cutoff bias, on the assumption of a given theoretical cosmology, is applied to the redshift-magnitude and redshift-angular diameter relationships in objectively specified large galaxy samples. The estimates obtained on the assumptions of linear and square redshift-distance laws are(More)
Chronometric cosmology provides an excellent fit for the phenomenological x-ray luminosity-redshift relationship for 49 quasars observed by the Einstein satellite. Analysis of the data on the basis of the Friedmann cosmology leads to a correlation of absolute x-ray luminosity with redshift of >0.8, which is increased to approximately 1 in the bright(More)
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