W M Pfeiffer

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Although it is now apparent that the intracellular pH may rise considerably above neutrality under physiological conditions, information on the effect of alkaline pH on microtubule assembly and disassembly is still quite fragmentay. We have studied the assembly/disassembly of bovine brain microtubule protein at alkaline pH in vitro. When microtubules are(More)
Psychophysics should play a major role in the evolution of a theory of auditory function , together with anatomy and physiology. We feel that the psychophysical tests that will be most valuable for this purpose are those that can be related to the physiological information now available about hearing. In terms of this objective of relating psycho-physical(More)
  • In Keskinen, Komi P V, Pitkanen P L Biomechanics, Pfeiffer
  • 2015
Influence of morphological characteristics and mo-torical abilities in swimming on success of water polo players. U npub-The influence of game duration and playing position on intensity of exercise during match-play in elite water polo players. physiological characteristics of water polo players. European journal of yYhen it comes to water polo, performance(More)
  • Mcbride A Hyde, Young R, +7 authors Mattson K
  • 2011
Numerous challenges confront managers in the healthcare industry, making it increasingly difficult for healthcare organizations to gain and sustain a competitive advantage. Contemporary management challenges in the industry have many different origins (e.g., economic, financial, clinical, and legal), but there is growing recognition that some of(More)
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