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Although it is now apparent that the intracellular pH may rise considerably above neutrality under physiological conditions, information on the effect of alkaline pH on microtubule assembly and disassembly is still quite fragmentay. We have studied the assembly/disassembly of bovine brain microtubule protein at alkaline pH in vitro. When microtubules are(More)
  • Mcbride A Hyde, Young R, +7 authors Mattson K
  • 2011
In support of the community-based education philosophy, nursing faculty at a small health careers college in the Midwestern United States incorporated a service-learning experience involving Sudanese refugee families and Latino community members into its accelerated community-based nursing program (acE) curriculum. The purpose of the servicelearning(More)
Prof. W. A. Rosenblith Dr. N. Y-S. Kiang*** R. G. Mark Prof. M. A. B. Braziert Dr. T. T. Sandelf P. Mermelstein Prof. M. Eden Dr. Eda Berger Vidale C. E. Molnarttt Prof. M. H. Goldstein, Jr. J. A. Aldrich Donna A. Molnar Prof. W. T. Peake R. M. Brown R. R. Pfeiffer Prof. W. M. Siebert S. K. Burns Cynthia M. Pyle Dr. J. S. Barlow$ R. R. Capranica D. M.(More)
  • In Keskinen, Komi P V, Pitkanen P L Biomechanics, Pfeiffer
  • 2015
ReillyT., Lees A. (eds.), Swimming science VI: Biomechanics and medicine in swimming (pp. 313319). London: E & F N Spon. Lozovina, V. ( 1983). Influence of morphological characteristics and motorical abilities in swimming on success of water polo players. U npublished doctoral dissertation, Zagreb: Faculty of Physical Education. Lozovina, M., Durovic, N. &(More)
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