W.M.L. Molhoek

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Ulocladium atrum and Gliocladium roseum are fungal antagonists capable of suppressing sporulation of Botrytis spp. on dead plant parts. The effect of temperature (3 to 36 °C) on antagonist conidial germination and mycelial growth was assessed on agar. In addition conidial germination of U. atrum was measured on dead lily leaves. The optimum temperature of(More)
In two successive seasons, the effect of treatment of geranium stock plants with the competitive saprophytic fungus Ulocladium atrum as a biocontrol agent against Botrytis cinerea was compared to a fungicide treatment with Euparene M. B. cinerea incidence and severity on the stock plants, B. cinerea spore load in the air around stock plants and death of(More)
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