W M Kraus

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For heating and current drive the neutral beam injection system for ITER requires a 1 MeV deuterium beam for up to 1 h pulse length. In order to inject the required 17 MW the large area source (1.9m x 0.9m) has to deliver 40 A of negative ion current at the specified source pressure of 0.3 Pa. In 2007 the IPP RF driven negative hydrogen ion source was(More)
This paper describes a physics-based methodology for computationally efficient statistical modeling of high-frequency bipolar transistors along with its practical implementation into a production process design kit. Applications to statistical modeling, circuit simulation, and yield optimization are demonstrated for an opamp circuit. Experimental results(More)
The intent of this study was to demonstrate that the technique of transmucosal electrical stimulation of laryngeal muscles may be of clinical use in airway management. Specifically, its ability to overcome laryngospasm was evaluated. Laryngospasm was induced in eight tracheotomized dogs by hyperventilating each dog, and then applying 0.1 M ammonia to the(More)
A new technique is described that enables discrete activation of individual laryngeal muscles by electrical stimulation across overlying mucosa. In 15 dogs, we defined six distinct motor points by transmucosal stimulation at 3 mA while observing the resulting characteristic position of the arytenoid and true vocal cord. Five dogs were then paralyzed with(More)
The recurrent laryngeal nerve (RLN) of four anesthetized adult Macaca fascicularis monkeys was stimulated by applying current with blunt electrodes placed unilaterally and bilaterally on the intact neck skin along the tracheoesophageal groove. The stimulus consisted of 2.5- to 4.0-mA cathodal pulses, each of 1-ms duration, beginning at a frequency of 10 Hz(More)