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Clinical pellagra is a multiple vitamin-deficiency disease. The clinical manifestations include dermatitis, diarrhea, and dementia; the result is often death. Photosensitivity has also been associated with pellagra. Other clinical findings may depend on the nutritional status of the patient. Pellagrins may not have specific cutaneous pathological findings,(More)
Twenty-one patients with stasis leg ulcers were randomly assigned to two groups. The first group was treated with Unna's boots, while the second was treated with elastic support stockings with graded compression from 24 mm/Hg pressure at the ankle to 16 mm/Hg pressure at the calf. The ulcers on seven of ten legs (70%) treated with Unna's boots and on 10 of(More)
A newborn baby with generalized "blueberry muffin" eruption and histologic evidence of dermal erythropoiesis is described. This case is unusual in that we could not identify any of the congenital viral infections usually associated with this syndrome. The clinical features of dermal erythropoiesis and dermal hematopoiesis are reviewed briefly.