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During the statutory medical examination on entrance to primary school 943 5-year-old girls were screened for asymptomatic bacteriuria. A prevalence of 2.1% was found. None of the 20 children with asymptomatic bacteriuria was recognized by the parents as having a urinary infection, though 14 of them had symptoms of lower urinary tract infection. In 16 of(More)
Savage, D. C. L., Wilson, M. I., McHardy, M., Dewar, D. A. E., and Fee, W. M. (1973). Archives of Disease in Childhood, 48, 8. Covert bacteriuria of childhood: a clinical and epidemiological study. A 4-year screening programme for covert bacteriuria in Dundee primary schoolgirl entrants showed a prevalence of 1 6% and an annual incidence of 0 °9%. Among 109(More)
those with radiological pyelonephritis) and those without reflux. Our relatively small numbers and high variability make analysis difficult, but the indications are that the osmolality rises throughout the day in the controls and 'no-reflux' group, but not in those children with reflux (Fig. 1). The mean maximum osmolality of the controls was 1070 ± 93 mOsm(More)
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