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The Drosophila eggshell, which has a pair of chorionic appendages (dorsal appendages) located asymmetrically along both the anterior/posterior and dorsal/ventral axes, provides a good model to study signal instructed morphogenesis. We show that the Broad-Complex, a gene encoding zinc-finger transcription factors, is essential for the morphogenesis of dorsal(More)
In many developmental processes, polyploid cells are generated by a variation of the normal cell cycle called the endocycle in which cells increase their genomic content without dividing. How the transition from the normal mitotic cycle to endocycle is regulated is poorly understood. We show that the transition from mitotic cycle to endocycle in the(More)
The Broad-Complex (BR-C) is an early ecdysone response gene that functions during metamorphosis and encodes a family of zinc-finger transcription factors. It is expressed in a dynamic pattern during oogenesis. Its late expression in the lateral-dorsal-anterior follicle cells is related to the morphogenesis of the chorionic appendages. All four zinc-finger(More)
Recent studies in vertebrates and Drosophila melanogaster have revealed that Fringe-mediated activation of the Notch pathway has a role in patterning cell layers during organogenesis. In these processes, a homeobox-containing transcription factor is responsible for spatially regulating fringe (fng) expression and thus directing activation of the Notch(More)
We report that Drosophila unconventional myosin VI, encoded by Myosin heavy chain at 95F (Mhc95F), is required for both imaginal disc and egg chamber morphogenesis. During oogenesis, Mhc95F is expressed in migrating follicle cells, including the border cells, which migrate between the nurse cells to lie at the anterior of the oocyte; the columnar cells that(More)
We report the analysis of a number of lines of Drosophila melanogaster containing insertions of the yeast gal4 gene. By crossing a UAS-lacZ fusion gene as a reporter into these lines, we analysed the expression patterns of beta-galactosidase during oogenesis. Since there is no expression of GAL4 in the germ-line in these experiments, this is an ideal system(More)
We studied the effects of alendronate (Aln) and strontium ranelate (SrR) administration on cancellous and cortical bone in glucocorticoid (GC)-treated rats. Thirty-two 3.5-month male Sprague-Dawley rats were randomized into four groups: age-matched normal control (Nrm), methylprednisolone (Met; 5.0 mg/kg/day, sc, for 5 days/week), Met plus Aln orally (1.0(More)
Dystroglycan (Dg) is a transmembrane protein that is a part of the Dystrophin Glycoprotein Complex (DGC) which connects the extracellular matrix to the actin cytoskeleton. The C-terminal end of Dg contains a number of putative SH3, SH2 and WW domain binding sites. The most C-terminal PPXY motif has been established as a binding site for Dystrophin (Dys)(More)
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