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Compared to the motorway network, rural and urban roads are very unsafe. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems can be used to increase traffic safety, thereby improving the conditions for effective deployment of the underlying network for integrated traffic management. In this study, we have identified ADA systems that are expected to have a high impact on(More)
Editorial remarks. The increasing production of COs by industrial processes will, as is well known from changes in infrared absorption, lead to a disturbance in atmospheric heat circulation. Although modern coal-based technology is environmentally conscious, the output of world coal production could be as much as 7 billion tonnes by the year 2000 (from the(More)
ocean within 10-20%. Similarly, the state of modelling of the biosphere is at an initial stage only compared to the reasonably advanced although still far from perfect modelling of the ocean. In the near future, the safest way to estimate the net biospheric CO2 flux will still be the calculation of the difference between fossil CO2 production and ocean(More)
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