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This paper reports a cutting-edge 65nm CMOS technology featuring high performance and low power CMOS devices for both general and low power applications. Utilizing plasma nitrided gate oxide, off-set and slim spacers, advanced co-implants, NiSi and low temperature MOL process, well designed NMOSFET and PMOSFET achieved significant improvement from the(More)
Information about the long-term trends of surface and tropospheric ozone is important for assessing the impact of ozone on human health, vegetation, and climate. Long-term measurements from East Asia, especially China’s eastern provinces, are urgently needed to evaluate potential changes of tropospheric ozone over this economically rapid developing region.(More)
Rate control plays an important role in video coding. However, in the conventional rate control algorithms, the number and position of macroblocks (MBs) inside one basic unit for rate control is inflexible and predetermined. The different characteristics of the MBs are not fully considered. Also, there is no overall optimization of the coding of basic(More)
The concentrations of the pollutants show " saw-toothed " patterns, which are attributable mainly to changes in wind direction and speed. The frequency distributions of the hourly mean concentrations of NO y , SO 2 , CO, and O 3 can all be decomposed in the two Lorentz curves, with their peak concentrations representing background levels under different(More)
This paper presents a 65nm low power technology offering a dual gate oxide process, multiple Vt devices at a nominal operating voltage of 1.2V, a nine level hierarchical Cu interconnect back-end of line process with low k dielectrics and 0.676mum<sup>2</sup> and 0.54mum <sup>2</sup> SRAM cells, optimized for performance and density, respectively. The key(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate birth population-based perinatal-neonatal mortality and preterm rate in China from a regional survey in 2010. STUDY DESIGN Data of total births in 2010 obtained from 151 level I-III hospitals in Huai'an, Jiangsu, were prospectively collected and analyzed. RESULTS From 61,227 birth registries (including 60,986 live births and 241(More)
In this paper, we present a scheme for layered Wyner-Ziv video coding considering visual perception to achieve better perceptual quality at limited bit rate. The perception- based quantizer uses the combination of stimulus-driven model and cognition-driven model. For the tested video sequences, experimental results show that the perception-based layered(More)
300mm Si wafer-scale oxide fusion bonding and mechanical/wet etch assisted wafer thinning processes were combined with a TSV-last 3D integration strategy to fabricate electrical open/short yield learning on through-wafer electrical TSV test chains.
  • Manoj Kumar Patle, Bharti Chourasia, +33 authors Wen Gao
  • 2016
The image quality is improved drastically with the increase of the technology. The conventional display devices may not be suitable for these High dynamic range images. The tone mapping is the process to show the good quality image in the normal LDR display devices. This paper presents a review of the tone mapping algorithms. It provides the methodology on(More)