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Taurine is a sulfur amino acid (2-amino ethane sulfonic acid) and has been claimed for a number of beneficial actions ranging from anti-epilepsy to anti-hypertension. Taurine in diabetes has an age old story; taurine is involved in the development and protection of insulin apparatus. Taurine and insulin both have mutual stimulating actions with hypoglycemic(More)
Cartilage is an intrinsically mechanically sensitive tissue composed of chondrocytes as the only cell type. Chondrocyte mechanotransduction is not well understood, but recently we identified critical components of the mechanotransduction machinery demonstrating how mechanical stimulation of these cells can be converted into cellular calcium signals.(More)
BACKGROUND Childhood asthma is a type 2 helper T (Th2) cell-driven inflammatory airway disease characterized by recurrent episodes of airway obstruction. Azithromycin (AZM), a macrolide antibiotic exhibiting anti-inflammatory activity aside from its antibacterial effect, may prove beneficial for asthmatic children. This study aimed to determine the effect(More)
The nutrient and related databases are essential for calculating intake values in epidemiological studies. To suit our research needs, we have developed an integrated management system not only for processing individual dietary questionnaires including 24-hour recalls, food records and Chinese food frequency questionnaires (CFFQ), but also for maintaining(More)
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