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In a previous investigation, we demonstrated an increased progression of overt AIDS in the African American population compared to the Caucasian population as reflected by the significantly lower absolute number of CD4+ lymphocytes detected in the African American population in an earlier study. The present study elucidates some of the possible genetic(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess self-perceived planned retirement patterns among urologists by using the American Urological Association Census Data. With an expanding elderly population and an aging urologic workforce, concerns regarding increased demand and decreased supply of urologists have been raised. MATERIALS AND METHODS We analyzed data from the 2014(More)
As the acquisition and use of information are costly, the optimal use of information involves economic tradeoffs. Therefore, valuing information is attracting research and thought. However, till now, little attention has been paid to the geospatial information domain, which is increasingly coming to the attention of decision makers seeking to improve(More)
PURPOSE We retrospectively evaluated urologist adherence to the AUA guidelines on the management of new patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia related lower urinary tract symptoms in a large university urology group. MATERIALS AND METHODS All first time benign prostatic hyperplasia/lower urinary tract symptom visits to the urology clinic at the(More)
We report a 4 1/2-year-old boy who presented with a 4-week history of frontal headaches and fever, and generalized convulsion 5 months previously. Papilledema, an abnormal EEG and a brain scan with a frontal mass and 'doughnut' sign were found. The association of the clinical history with brain scan findings strongly suggested a brain abscess. At surgery(More)
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