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The local environments of the four tryptophan residues of the extracellular domain of human tissue factor (sTF) were assessed from difference absorption and fluorescence spectra. The difference spectra were derived by subtracting spectra from single Trp-to-Phe or Trp-to-Tyr replacement mutants from the corresponding spectrum of the wild-type protein. Each(More)
Reaction of [Ru2(CO)6(μ-PFu2)(μ, -Fu)] (Fu = furyl) 1 with tri(2-furyl)phosphine under thermal conditions produces simple monoand disubstitution products [Ru2(CO)5(PFu3)(μ-PFu2)(μ, -Fu)] 2a and [Ru2(CO)4(PFu3)2(μPFu2)(μ, -Fu)] 2b. Both complexes were fully characterized by spectroscopic and analytical methods and the molecular structures of 2a and 2b were(More)
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