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Thiolactomycin (TLM) is a thiotetronate antibiotic that selectively targets bacterial fatty acid biosynthesis through inhibition of the β-ketoacyl-acyl carrier protein synthases (KASI/II) that catalyse chain elongation on the type II (dissociated) fatty acid synthase. It has proved effective in in vivo infection models of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and(More)
BACKGROUND The one-stage pull-through procedures for Hirschsprung's disease (HD) have become popular because it is well accepted by surgeons and mothers with no visible scar and a short hospital stay. It represents the latest development in the concept of a minimally invasive surgery for HD. We introduce a new method of transanal one-stage pull-through for(More)
Introduction: Suprascapular nerve entrapments in the scapular notch or under the inferior transverse (spinoglenoid) ligament are known, but compression in the supraspinatous fossa may also occur under the supraspinatus fascia. Our aim was to precise the anatomical features of the whole course of the nerve in the supraspinatous fossa. Material and methods:(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the pathological classification and the clinical characteristics of intestinal duplication. METHODS Eighty-four pediatric patients with intestinal duplication were proved on operation in the last 20 years in the Second Hospital of Harbin Medical University and Harbin Children's Hospital. The pathological classifications were as(More)
In terms of signal denoising, filtering out highfrequency noise while effectively preserving the useful highfrequency information is a hot topic for research. In this paper, we propose a wavelet modulus maxima spatially selective correlative filtration (SSCF) algorithm to filter out the high-frequency noise mixed in the useful signals. The proposed(More)
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