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The relationship between antipsychotic effect and side effects and plasma levels of clozapine were investigated in 26 patients. A significant linear correlation was found between dosage and plasma levels of clozapine. All patients were clearly improved. The degree of improvement was independent of the plasma levels in an average range of plasma levels (100(More)
Relations between clozapine plasma levels and effects were investigated in 32 hospitalized patients. Clozapine dosage and plasma levels correlate linearly. The clinical improvement due to clozapine treatment was significant. A relationship between the rate of improvement and the plasma levels could be seen on the third day of treatment only. Of the side(More)
Eine empfindliche fluorimetrische Methode zur Bestimmung von 4-(2-Hydroxy-3-isopropylaminopropoxy)-indol, demβ-Blocker LB 46, in Plasma (Erfassungsgrenze 0,02 Μg) und in Urin (Erfassungsgrenze 0,05 Μg) wird beschrieben. Die mit dieser Methode gemessene biologische Halbwertszeit im Plasma beträgt nach peroraler Verabreichung beim Menschen 3 h und bei der(More)
1. In pithed cats, the spinal sympathetic outflow was stimulated preganglionically at segments C7 and T1 and heart rate responses and nictitating membrane tone were measured in parallel. 2. Clonidine and a related drug, BS 100-141 (N-amidino-2(2,6-dichlorophenyl)acetamide hydrochloride), caused a dose-dependent inhibition of the stimulation-induced(More)
In 10 healthy volunteers the time course of cardiac beta-adrenoceptor blocking activity, plasma levels and cumulative urinary excretion of pindolol were compared during a 4-day course of pindolol 5 mg (Visken®) t. d. s., and one tablet of pindolol 20 mg retard (Visken® retard) once a day. After oral administration of the 20 mg retard tablet, plasma(More)
The plasma concentration-response relationships of oral and intravenous pindolol and propranolol have been studied in a group of eight healthy male subjects who received each dosage form in a randomized single-blind cross-over manner. Despite similar elimination half-lives, the duration of action of pindolol was longer than that of propranolol. This longer(More)
A sensitive HPLC assay has been used to determine the effect of food on plasma endralazine levels in 8 patients with essential hypertension. Subjects were investigated whilst on maintenance therapy with endralazine combined with a fixed antihypertensive baseline treatment for at least 4 weeks, samples being collected after the usual oral morning dose of(More)