W L Pacha

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The relationship between antipsychotic effect and side effects and plasma levels of clozapine were investigated in 26 patients. A significant linear correlation was found between dosage and plasma levels of clozapine. All patients were clearly improved. The degree of improvement was independent of the plasma levels in an average range of plasma levels (100(More)
A sensitive HPLC assay has been used to determine the effect of food on plasma endralazine levels in 8 patients with essential hypertension. Subjects were investigated whilst on maintenance therapy with endralazine combined with a fixed antihypertensive baseline treatment for at least 4 weeks, samples being collected after the usual oral morning dose of(More)
A reversed-phase liquid chromatographic method with coulometric detection has been developed for the determination of free MKS 213-492 (a novel xanthine derivative) in plasma. This method is based on a simple and rapid plasma extraction procedure using precolumn-switching. The oxidation of this pharmacologically active xanthine derivative was optimized with(More)
Fast, simple and accurate methods for the determination of SDZ ICM 567, the 7-methoxy derivative of tropisetron, in microdialysates have been developed. Sampling by microdialysis from freely moving rats in the portal and jugular vein offers a new technology for pharmacokinetic studies by direct and continuous measurement of unbound drug concentrations with(More)