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The USEPA and the USDA have completed the first statistically designed survey of the occurrence and concentration of CDDs and CDFs in the fat of beef animals raised for human consumption in the United States. Back fat was sampled from 63 carcasses at federally inspected slaughter establishments nationwide. The sample design called for sampling beef animal(More)
Special protective clothing for helicopter passengers in transit to and from installations in the U.K. offshore oil industry is considered essential. Such clothing is required to increase the survival chances in the unlikely event of a helicopter ditching. This paper discusses the nature of the threat to life in such an event and proposes standards for the(More)
Most illness and injury cases seen in the Sick Bays of North Sea Oil Installations are similar to those in industry generally. Some are due to the sea depth and the hostile environment. The course of treatment may be affected by the isolated situation. The basic plan to meet a disaster situation may in the event be unworkable because of installation air(More)
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