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Accelerated progression of atherosclerosis is known to occur in surgically bypassed coronary arteries in which the preoperative stenosis was greater than 50 per cent. To assess the effect of coronary bypass on vessels with lesser degrees of stenosis, we studied 85 men who had undergone coronary bypass surgery. In this group we identified bypass grafts(More)
Transient asystole is often noted during the course of permanent pacemaker implantation in patients with complete heart block. Since subcutaneous lidocaine is frequently used as the local anesthetic agent for permanent pacemaker implantation, the effect of this drug on ventricular escape intervals was studied. Ventricular escape intervals after transient(More)
Comparison of coronary atherosclerosis change in a pilot angiographic study of retrospectively matched smokers and controls indicates more rapid progression in smokers. The findings indicate the feasibility of small-scale angiographic trials of treatment designed to ameliorate arterial damage in atherosclerotic smokers who cannot quit.
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