W. L. Bencze

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Racemic d,l-baclofen and l-baclofen depressed the patellar, flexor, linguo-mandibular (0.1--30 mg/kg i.v.) and the H-reflex (1--3 mg/kg i.v.) in a dose-dependent fashion. Racemic and l-baclofen partly antagonized electroshock-induced convulsions in mice (30--60 mg/kg p.o.) and depressed the firing rate of nigral cells when applied iontophoretically.(More)
GABA level and the activity of L-glutamate-1-decarboxylase (GAD) (EC were studied in brains of mice treated with beta-vinyllactic acid, a new, selective and pyridoxal phosphate-independent GAD inhibitor. Valproate and diazepam protected mice against convulsions caused by beta-vinyllactic acid although both anti-epileptic drugs antagonized neither(More)
Gravity Probe B, launched 20 April 2004, is a space experiment testing two fundamental predictions of Einstein's theory of general relativity (GR), the geodetic and frame-dragging effects, by means of cryogenic gyroscopes in Earth orbit. Data collection started 28 August 2004 and ended 14 August 2005. Analysis of the data from all four gyroscopes results in(More)
Despite the fact that the role of lipids and cholesterol in atherosclerosis has not been totally clarified to the clinician's satisfaction, medicinal chemistry has been very successful in this last decade in showing that a diverse group of compounds is capable of reducing blood lipid levels in many animal species and in humans. The pharmacological basis(More)