W. Kurdthongmee

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The Kohonen Self-Organizing Map (K-SOM) has found applicability in a wide range of application areas. It has also proved to be successfully used in compressing digital images. The dominant point of the algorithm is that it is more suitable to realise in hardware platforms in order to speed up the overall operation. It, however, comes in exchange with the(More)
Kurdthongmee, W. ertCPN: The adaptations of the coloured Petri-Net theory for real-time embedded system modeling and automatic code generation Songklanakarin J. Sci. Technol., 2003, 25(3) : 381-394 A real-time system is a computer system that monitors or controls an external environment. The system must meet various timing and other constraints that are(More)
Parts of a self-organizing map (SOM)-based quantizer can be performed in parallel, i.e., distance calculation between an input pixel and a group of codewords or processing elements (PEs), and updating codewords. To search for the best matching unit (BMU) whose distance is the minimum, all distances are inevitably required to compare with each other. It is(More)