W. Kuchheuser

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Frequency distribution of several genetic markers was studied in ethnic Russians from the Moscow, Bryansk, Ryazan', Kostroma, Novgorod, Arkhangel'sk, and Sverdlovsk oblasts and Udmurtiya. Systems AB0, RH, HP, TF, GC, PI, C"3, ACP1, PGM1, ESD, GLO1, 6PGD, and AK were analyzed in most samples. New data on informative polymorphic genetic loci showed that the(More)
Serum specimens from 1385 unrelated males and females from seven Middle East and East European sample surveys (Prague, Olomouc, Krakow, Poznan, Szeged, Moscow, and Jekaterinburg) have been typed for seven polymorphic serum protein polymorphisms (GC, TF, PLG, PI, A2HS, F13B, and ITI). The distributions of phenotype and allele frequencies show a marked(More)
The results of a longterm study on 55 children are presented whose parents were treated by radiotherapy. Five or ten years after a first examination, these children were submitted to a check-up investigation of their physical and intellectual development. The group of twenty irradiated fathers received an average dose to the gonads of 0.55 Gy (0.01 to 6.4(More)
An 34 isolierten Leichenherzen wurden Computertomographie- (CT-) und Magnetresonanztomographie- (MRT-) Befunde mit pathologisch-anatomischen Befunden und postmortalen Veränderungen verglichen. Innere Totenflecke und postmortale Gerinnselbildungen waren in der MRT, beginnende Fäulnis durch die Darstellung kleiner Gasblasen in der CT gut zu diagnostizieren.(More)
We report a rare case of an accident during which a pedestrian was hit by a car and was thrown through the windscreen into the front seat. Apart from the high speed (100 km/h or more) the traumatic amputation of both lower legs and the resulting reduced angular momentum mainly contributed to the final position of the pedestrian in the vehicle. In addition,(More)
We studied the possible effects of climatic factors on the world distribution of alleles determining alpha 2-HS-glycoprotein (AHSG) phenotypes in human populations. New data on AHSG polymorphism in certain ethnic groups of Russia are presented. All available data on the distribution of AHSG gene frequencies in the world (number of populations n = 51) were(More)
A method for simultaneous determination of group-specific component and alpha 2-HS-glycoprotein by ultrathin-layer isoelectric focusing and immunoblotting is described. The advantages of this combined technique are the saving of chemicals and time. The band patterns of both marker proteins were always reproducible.
An economic and reliable method for simultaneous determination of Gc, alpha-1-antitrypsin, acid erythrocyte phosphatase, and phosphoglucomutase by means of isoelectric focussing in ultrathin-layer gels is described. Man advantages are time- and costsaving without any unreliabilities in forensic application.
Degenerative Veränderungen machten bei einer 69 Jahre alten Frau den Ersatz eines künstlichen Hüftgelenks notwendig. Eine Verletzung der V. iliaca externa während der Operation führte zum Tode. Mittels Spiral-Computertomographie und nachfolgendem “volume rendering” konnte das mazerierte Präparat, bestehend aus Beckenknochen und implantierten Materialien,(More)