W Krystler Israel

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The paper develops a (2 + 2)-imbedding formalism adapted to a double foliation of spacetime by a net of two intersecting families of lightlike hypersurfaces. The formalism is two-dimensionally covariant, and leads to simple, geometrically transparent and tractable expressions for the Einstein field equations and the Einstein-Hilbert action, and it should(More)
We analyze the relativistic dynamical properties of Keplerian and non-Keplerian circular orbits in a general axisymmetric and stationary gravitational field, and discuss the implications for the stability of co-and counter-rotating accretion disks and tori surrounding a spinning black hole. Close to the horizon there are orbital peculiarities which can seem(More)
In this thesis, we study various aspects of physics in higher-dimensional manifolds involving a single extra dimension. After giving some historical perspective on the motivation for studying higher-dimensional theories of physics, we describe classical tests for a non-compact extra dimension utilizing test particles and pointlike gyroscopes. We then turn(More)
In this paper we calculate the entropy of a thin spherical shell that contracts reversibly from infinity down to its event horizon. We find that, for a broad class of equations of state, the entropy of a non-extremal shell is one-quarter of its area in the black hole limit. The considerations in this paper suggest the following operational definition for(More)
Quasi-spherical light cones are lightlike hypersurfaces of the Kerr geometry that are asymptotic to Minkowski light cones at infinity. We develop the equations of these surfaces and examine their properties. In particular, we show that they are free of caustics for all positive values of the Kerr radial coordinate r. Useful applications include the(More)
The glycine decarboxylase complex (GDC) plays a critical role in the photorespiratory C2 cycle of C3 species by recovering carbon following the oxygenation reaction of ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase. Loss of GDC from mesophyll cells (MCs) is considered a key early step in the evolution of C4 photosynthesis. To assess the impact of(More)
We construct a static axisymmetric wormhole from the gravitational eld of two Schwarzschild particles which are kept in equilibrium by strings (ropes) extending to innnity. The wormhole is obtained by matching two three-dimensional timelike surfaces surrounding each of the particles and thus spacetime becomes non-simply connected. Although the matching will(More)