W. Krueger

C. Nauth1
D. K. Kelleher1
P. Vaupel1
1C. Nauth
1D. K. Kelleher
1P. Vaupel
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The effect of localized hypothermia on microcirculatory and metabolic parameters in s.c. DS sarcomas on the hind foot dorsum of Sprague-Dawley rats was investigated. Tumours were cooled by superfusion of the tumour surface with cooled saline solution to 25 degrees C or 15 degrees C. Control tumours remained at 35 degrees C. These temperatures were(More)
Some years ago it was established that the muon catalysed fusion phenomenon could be used for the production of energy. This fact has been causing a rebirth of interest in the universal methods of solving the Quantum Coulomb Three-Body Problem. The Adiabatic Hyperspherical (AHS) approach considered in this joint project has definite advantages in comparison(More)
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