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Soma sizes of embryonic male and female tyrosine hydroxylase-immunoreactive neurons were measured in 3 diencephalic regions in situ and in diencephalic dissociated cell cultures. Male neurons were about 30% larger than female neurons both in vitro and in situ. Treatment of cultures with sex steroids did not affect the sex differences. It is concluded that(More)
There is evidence for a hypothalamic prolactin (PRL) system that expresses sexually dimorphic traits. The aim of this in vitro study is to gain an insight into the process of sexual differentiation of hypothalamic PRL cells. In particular, we wanted to determine whether sexual differentiation of these cells can occur independently of the surge of gonadal(More)
Pituitary prolactin (PRL) secretion is inhibited by hypothalamic GABAergic and dopaminergic (DAergic) systems. PRL, in turn, appears to be capable of activating these neurons, thus, providing for a negative feedback regulation. We have recently shown that cultured hypothalamic GABAergic- but not DAergic neurons respond to PRL with a rapid increase in(More)
In order to analyze the feedback action of prolactin (PRL) on the hypothalamus on the cellular level, we used primary cultures of rat embryonic diencephalon to measure the calcium response of individual neurons to PRL by means of fast fluorescence photometry. The cultures were subsequently stained with antibodies against the neuronal marker MAP-2, glutamic(More)
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